Here you can find some useful tutorial videos from the best time-lapse photorgaphers.

Enrique Pacheco’s Timelapse Wisdom

Tips and tricks on timelapse photography from professional cinematographer Enrique Pacheco.

Video by: Shutterstock

Eric Hines: Time-lapse Photographer

Joel Graves from Kessler follows Eric Hines, Kessler Shooter an accomplished time-lapse filmmaker, through northern Michigan and Chicago as he talks about the unique opportunities and challenges he faces in capturing awe-inspiring time-lapses.

Video by: Kessler Crane

Legend – Behind the Scenes Filming in Iceland

Video by: Henry Jun Wah Lee / Evosia

Making Of – Hyperlapse Tutorial

Walklapse, spacelapse, stop-motion time-lapse, motion timelapse, moving timelapse.

Video by: Mayeul Akpovi

Dolly Zoom Tutorial for Timelapse Hyperlapse

This video explains the steps on creating a Dolly Zoom for a timelapse and incorporating a hyperlapse.

Video by: Eric Stemen

How to HDR Timelapse

Lesson from famous Dustin Farrell.

Video by: Dustin Farrell

HDR Timelapse Tutorial: Part 1

This tutorial will help you set your camera up for capturing an HDR timelapse sequence using either a Canon or Nikon camera.

Video by: Drew Geraci (District 7 Media)

HDR Timelapse Tutorial: Part 2

You’ll learn how to batch process your HDR images in HDR Expose and then import them into Adobe After Effects to complete the timelapse.

Video by: Drew Geraci (District 7 Media)

Natural Clouds in your HDR Landscapes

A 30-minute screencast by Mike Olbinski on some processing techniques to get natural looking clouds in your HDR using Photomatix, Photoshop and Phototools.

Video by: Mike Olbinski

Interview with Marsel Van Oosten

Interview with Namibian Night‘s photorgapher)

Author: Landscape Wizards