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In Praise of Shadows (At The CONFLUX Part Three)

Showpiece #320: “In Praise of Shadows” tours Japan’s transportation systems in time-lapse. This runs the gamut from the massive monorails of Kobe and Chiba, the automated transit in Tokyo, and the trains of Osaka,...


Tokyo Aglow (At The CONFLUX Part Two)

Showpiece #319: Tokyo Aglow tours the Japanese capital by road and rail. Whereas Aerial Arterial (the first installment) explores the edifices of the city from elevated perches, Tokyo Aglow captures the city from the...


Aerial Arterial (At The CONFLUX Part One)

Showpiece #318: Aerial Arterial presents Tokyo from above. Its sprawling nocturnal cityscapes crisscrossed by thruways. It begins with shots atop the world’s tallest tower – the Tokyo Skytree – with the expanses of the...