San Francisco

Showpiece #334:
Do you want to know how a perfect city timelapse should looks like? Watch this one.

Video by: dimid

Stumbleine – Capulet

A little more info:
The author speaks:
“This video was shot in November 2015. That was my first trip to West Coast, and the second time in US. This visit impressed me so much, it was very different that I heard before about California, and was also different what I saw on the East. I liked the wild nature of this beautiful place: ocean, waves, forests, mountains all of this was awesome. I enjoyed the beauty of Big Sur, its a perfect place for rest and taking pictures. But SF left to me ambigiuous impression: from one side its rich and big city with beautiful scapes, but from other side I saw a lot of poor and sick people, more then in other cities seen by me. I liked sunny and fresh weather, incredible hilly landscape of this city, big bridges, scycreapers, trams, palm trees, all of this pleased me. But sometimes I feel wrong atmosphere in the downtown, I dont know how to explain, but this feeling was really strong, may be because the city center is overcrowded. Anyway it was very good and important experience of my life. I want to come back and visit other places of the California.”

Our opinion:
Another outstanding timelapse of a highest quality.

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