Milano City Hyperlapse

Showpiece #322:
Another fresh city hyperlapse / timelapse. It’s perfect.

Video by: Yury Sirri Time lapse Hyperlapse

– Nikon D700
– Canon 5D Mark III
– Sigma 24-70mm
– Canon 24-70
Daft Punk – Derezzed (The Glitch Mob Remix)
A little more info:
Video wishes to underline on one hand, through extended exposures, the city’s speed and frenzy and on the other hand, thanks to a more saturated colouring, to point out how the metropolis can still be aesthetically charming and a source of inspiration, creating peculiar atmospheres that can turn into “magical” even the most common and well known places, making them look unique and fascinating. With his own Milan pictures, author aim to show up how the city doesn’t disdain modernity even if laying its bases on a well deep rooted historical, architectural and cultural tradition, projecting itself toward the future.
Our opinion:
It’s a feast for eyes! Must see and best of’2016, no doubt.

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