Magical Europe (Volume 2)

Showpiece #335:
The second part of a great sight-seeing timelapse. 3 years later. Must see!
96 clips. 30 European countries.

Video by: StanChang

– Nikon D800E
– Nikon D600
– Professional Total Camera Moving Solution: Konova

– LR Timelapse

Van Syla – Island of Promises

A little more info:
The author speaks:
“While organizing and editing these photos and videos the memory of our life and travels in Europe just kept popping up my mind. It was truly a wonderful and unforgettable time. Interwoven throughout the memories of those three years of travel are the even more precious memories of our older son as we watched him grow from month six to age three.
And now both of our children are so excited and amazed when they watch the completed film. I believe that it is really an unbelievable experience for them; for my older son who lived it and still remembers, and for my younger daughter who has joined us in the journey.”

Our opinion:
Outstanding. Tremendous. Awesome.

Beautiful Memories – Magical Europe (Behind the Scenes)
Magical Europe (Volume One)
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