Hong Kong

Showpiece #327:
Hong Kong is a vibrant city of skyscrapers with beautiful views, a major gateway to China.

Video by: Kirill Neiezhmakov

– Canon EOS 60D (x2)
– Canon EOS 70D
– Sigma 10-20 mm 4.0-5.6
– Tokina 11-16 mm 2.8
– Samyang 8 mm 3.5
– Canon 17-55 mm 2.8
– Canon 70-200 mm 4L
– Vanguard Abeo Pro tripod
– GoPro Hero 4

– Adobe After Effects
– Lightroom
– LRTimelapse

Aero Chord – Warrior of the Night

A little more info:
Hong Kong has developed from a small fishing village in the 1800s into a dynamic and thrilling 21st century cosmopolitan metropolis. It is a bustling coastal city full of impressive high rises, and a fusion of eastern and western cultures. It proudly proclaims itself to be ‘Asia’s World City’ and remains a key gateway to China.
Hong Kong is a fusion of East and West. There is no better place to experience both eastern and western cultures, and experience traditional and modern life.
Hong Kong is a shopping paradise, bringing all the world famous-brands together. Shopping malls, department stores, boutiques, and street markets are clustered around the island.
Hong Kong is a world of exquisite, mouthwatering international cuisine.
Hong Kong boasts a highly developed transportation network. It is very convenient to travel to and from Hong Kong.
Hong Kong is the ideal springboard for trips to the rest of China as well to other parts of East Asia.

Our opinion:
Amazing and awesome work, as always.

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