There are a lot of timelapses in the web. Hundreds of new videos emerge everyday. The purpose of our site is to collect the very best of them. The brilliant ones only.

In our Museum time-lapses are grouped by categories: nature, cities, science, games, misc. Also, it is possible to find a needed video by tag. For example, you can find all the best timelapses shot in a desert, or all videos of flowers, or all clips shot in South America, etc.

We collect information about equipment used by the best timelapse photographers of this planet. So you can use this info while choosing your time-lapse camera, motion control system etc.

To be included in our collection a timelapse video should satisfy the following requirements :
– images from which timelapse is created should be of a high quality and sharp (no blurry shots, thank you); this means that every shot should be as perfect as possible
– ideal and smooth video editing
– flickers should be reduced as much as possible
– timelapse should not include usual (normal) video (with rare exception)
– finally, timelapse video must be stunning, spectacular, amazing, breathtaking…

To be included in our collection a timelapse video should meet ALL these requirements. So our Museum collects only top notch works.

We don’t upload any video on our site. It contains only links to YouTube and Vimeo video services.
All videos belong to their respective owners.

Any questions? Our e-mail: input@day-lapse.com

Oh, and one more thing… It’s nice to see you here.